Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Quantum Science of Chi

My friend, Kim Gould of Love Your Design, posted a video on her blog of a Professor of Theoretical Physics who began using Tai Chi to improve his health. He is now dedicated to defining aspects of Chi so the rigors of scientific exploration can be applied to its study and how it plays a role in distance healing. This is not to say that Chi can fully be described and understood by science, only that it can be partially defined in a way that allows quantifiable data to be collected about it. This is akin to the relationship science has with electricity. We can say with great precision what electricity does. We can generate it at will and control how it operates. But, to date, no one can say exactly what electricity is. We still only have working theories to describe it but that does not keep us from working with it in useful ways.

To see the brief video, please visit Kim’s blog at


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