Monday, May 11, 2009

Lecture in Nashville and REG Results

Thank you so much to Anya Ruth and the nice folks at the Nashville Metaphysical Group for hosting the lecture on How Thoughts Become Reality.

Due to the nature of the experiment, I am only now making public the results of the Random Event Generator (REG) results that were collected during each lecture. The participants weren't told a REG device was being used until the end of the lecture at which time we did a guided meditation to see if we could influence the device.

The results from all of the lectures plus another group meditation can be found on the Sage Age site.

The REG device used for these experiments is made by Psyleron and is a continuation of the type of experiments conducted at the PEAR labs. They are also the same type of devices used in the Global Consciousness Project (EGG Project).

I have been in contact with several other groups in the Nashville metro area that have been conducting group meditations for some time and hope to be able to record one of their sessions with the REG soon. I'll also be using it during the upcoming class series of Acoustics for Intuitives.