Monday, July 27, 2009

The Body Antenna – Multi Antenna Arrays

Chapter 1 of The Sage Age - Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom covers aspects of the human body as a sophisticated, multi-faceted antenna system. To encourage discussion, the entire chapter has been divided into topic sections and presented as excerpts for download.

When groups of folks come together in the same location and meditate while holding or moving through the same body postures, they work together like a multi-antenna array that focuses a signal and strengthens it.

One prime example of how this works is the Very Large Array (VLA) antenna dishes in New Mexico, which is used as an astronomical observatory by receiving weak radio signals from space. The 27 antennas can be arranged in such a way so that they act as one gigantic receiving dish antenna.

Download the full excerpt to see how multiple antennas can be used to focus and strengthen a signal as well as ways they can be arranged to block interference.

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