Friday, May 15, 2009

Happenings with the Sage Age

It's been a busy spring full of meeting great new folks. I just finished up the local lecture tour for How Thoughts Become Reality. Met so many wonderful seekers who are focused on helping to build a bridge between science and intuitive wisdom.

Recently, the REG device results that were taken during the lectures were also made public. Had to keep them under wraps until the tour was finished so new groups would not know that we were doing the experiment until the end of the lecture at which time we intended to influence the device. You can see the results here.

Right now I'm making illustrations for a new class on Acoustics for Intuitives. It will be ready by this fall. It's for anyone who uses music or sound in their intuitive practice whether that be for healing sessions or just meditation. We'll be playing with simple harmonic oscillators like pendulum and springs and, we'll learn circles in motion have to do with waves. It will be a fun class and I'm looking forward to enjoying it with others who use sound in a variety of ways.

I'm also excited that several members of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, including the new President have joined Twitter. It's a delight to read their posts every day. It's also a good way to keep up with the latest movies on the changes and opportunities we are now facing including "The Living Matrix" and Dr. Amit Goswami's recent release "The Quantum Activist". See the sidebar for my recent Twitter posts and to join the conversation.

I'm also looking forward to upcoming meetings with local metaphysical groups. I've already met some wonderful folks there and hope to visit with them more often this summer.

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