Monday, April 27, 2009

Article Block Party - Quantum Physics and Einstein

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Want to know a little bit about what the word quantum really means or why Einstein called the ideas of entanglement and non-locality "spooky action at a distance"? Ever wonder what the "c squared" part of Einstein's famous equation actually represents?

The Sage Age site has some wonderful articles on subjects covered in the book and we're throwing an article block party focusing on related themes. The articles featured in this block party include:

  • Quantum - What Does it Mean? ~ follows the word quantum from its inception to how it's used today.
  • Non-locality and Entanglement ~ find out why Einstein made such a fuss about these concepts
  • Einstein and His Famous Equation ~ Most folks think Relativity was just one big idea. It was actually three separate theories. And what's that "c squared" stuff all about?

To join the block party, visit the Articles page on The Sage Age site.