Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Body Antenna – How Light Radiates

Chapter 1 of The Sage Age - Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom covers aspects of the human body as a sophisticated, multi-faceted antenna system. To encourage discussion, the entire chapter has been divided into topic sections and presented as excerpts for download.

In the previous excerpt, we discovered how ritual body postures help tune the body’s antenna. In this second excerpt, we’ll see how light energy radiates.

By nature, charges seek equilibrium or balance. This is how energy is radiated from the body, an antenna, or a battery. An imbalance is necessary to cause electrons to move and, when they do, current is generated that creates a magnetic field in the surrounding area.

The analogy most often used to exemplify the flow of electricity along a wire is that of water flowing through a hose. But it is important to understand that electrical current in a wire is a special case of the overall propagation characteristics of how electromagnetic (EM) energy radiates. In free space, EM energy radiates as an unbounded wave.

Wave motion is the transport of energy without the transport of matter.

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to get a better idea of how light moves energy in a self-propagating wave through the combination of two forces.

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