Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Lightning Types May Affect Our Psyche

Between the lower boundary of the ionosphere of the sky and the ground plane of the Earth exists a cavity that is continually energized by 40 million lightning strikes a day. This energy makes the cavity resonate and creates an electromagnetic (EM) standing wave that bounces between the sky and Earth. It travels at the speed of light, as do all EM waves, and circumnavigates the entire planet about 7.86 times per second. It is called the Schumann Resonance (SR) and studies show that it likely plays a critical role in psi activity.

The frequency range of the SR is between 1-40 Hz with a dominant frequency of 7.8 Hz which falls in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range of the EM spectrum used for radio waves. It travels in a west to east direction and is longer at night than during the day. This is due to the rotation of the Earth and the sun’s rays compressing the ionosphere on the daylight side of the planet. It is primarily energized by lightning but the North American power grid energizes it as well because the ninth overtone of the dominant wave frequency (7.8 Hz) is 60 Hz, which is the operating frequency of the grid. (Most of the rest of the world’s power grids run at 50 Hz.) The SR is named for the physicist who first mathematically predicted its existence in 1952, Winfried Otto Schumann, although Nikola Tesla was the first to document his observations of it in 1902. Tesla was also the first to suggest the possibility of wireless radio communication.

The SR acts as a carrier wave for the sound of lightning activity all over the globe and this can be heard with a radio receiver tuned to the ELF range. Because the SR’s dominant frequency of 7.8 Hz is also in the middle of the alpha-theta range of brainwave activity, it has been studied as a carrier wave of psychic and healing abilities. In 1969, Robert C. Beck researched the brain activity of healers. They all entrained to the Schumann Resonance in both phase and frequency.

Professor Michael Persinger of the Psychophysiology Laboratory at Laurentian University noted that ELF waves propagate more easily from midnight to 4:00 a.m. and that they are easier to transmit from west to east rather than east to west. Persinger surveyed the ESP literature for any correlation and found that there was a direct correspondence in time and direction in both telepathic and clairvoyant episodes with the SR. Persinger also observed that the same geomagnetic disturbances and magnetic storms that affect global communication also disrupt the SR and psi experiences.

Although there are several accurate mathematical descriptions about how lightning behaves and a few theories about how it originates, to date no one is positively sure how it is generated. What we do know is that lightning makes amino acids, which is thought to be a critically important ingredient in causing life to arise from the primordial soup. Lightning also splits apart molecules in the air and by doing so makes nitrogen available to plants.

Most folks think one lightning bolt is pretty much the same as another. Amazingly though, new forms of lightning have been discovered in just the last few decades. While 75% of all bolts fire within clouds, most of those that strike toward the Earth are considered negative bolts. They are less than an inch wide and burn at about 50,000 degrees, which is hotter than the sun’s surface. Recently, it has been confirmed that some lightning bolts work in reverse and lower a positive charge to the ground. Unlike negative bolts, which burn for 10 milliseconds, positive bolts burn for hundreds of milliseconds with 10 times more amps. This has required NASA to develop new safety requirements for aircraft and space shuttles.

Another new form of lightning that is a concern for space flight is sprites, which is an acronym for Stratospheric/Mesospheric Perturbations Resulting from Intense Thunderstorm Electrification. Their official classification is as Transient Luminous Events or TLE’s. These new bolts are plumes of EM energy rising anywhere from 15,000 feet above the clouds to 50 miles high and 25 miles wide. They were predicted as early as 1925 by Scottish physicist C.T.R. Wilson, but weren’t documented until 1993 by Walt Lyons at the Yucca Ridge Field Station in Colorado.

Soon afterward, blue plumes called jets were found. They shot out into space. Later discoveries have been named elves, which is an acronym for Emissions of Light and VLF perturbations from EMP events. They are the most powerful bolts of all and can shoot anywhere from 10 to 50 miles up into space all the way through the ionosphere.

Since lightning plays a direct role in creating amino acids and, therefore life, and since humans are so attuned to the Schumann Resonance, it will be interesting to see what discoveries lay ahead in the investigation of these new types of lightning and how they affect life on Earth. It will be especially interesting to see how it may affect those who practice the intuitive arts.

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