Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Living Matrix Debuts in London

Where science, psychology, and psi events meet

A new film, The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing, features today’s leading frontier science researchers, psychologists, and holistic practitioners to view the body and healing using energetic information-based medicine methods.

The documentary was produced by Greg Becker and Harry Massey and was inspired by Becker’s seven-year struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome that left him bedridden. His road to recovery began when he met doctor of Chinese medicine Peter Fraser, who combines physics, biology and Eastern medicine into a treatment known as body-field therapy.

In part, the movie examines the role of quantum physics on biomechanical functions at the cellular level and finds that “our cells are senders and receivers of information, controlling our health in ways we never imagined.” It also address the scientific understanding of the placebo effect and what seem to be miracle cures.

The film features Dr. Fraser, cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, healer Dr. Eric Pearl, biophysicist Dr. James Oschmann, Director of Research at Institute of HeartMath Dr. Rollin McCraty, and others.

Folks facing health challenges also share their stories of using information-based therapies to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, an inoperable brain tumor, and cerebral palsy.

The Living Matrix premiered in London to a sold-out crowd and was followed by “The Science of Healing Conference” where participants were treated to workshops by presenters in the movie.

The DVD was released on March 13th, 2009 and is available on the site’s store.