Saturday, December 27, 2008

Resolved to Practice Meditation or Yoga This New Year?

Practices such as meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi require that we place the body in certain ritualistic postures. Did you know that the body is a multi-faceted antenna system and positioning it in different postures helps attune that antenna from the bones all the way down to the cells? The way you position the body is critically important to the types of informed energies that it can both transmit and receive.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Voice of the Angels Magazine Debut

In November, I had the pleasure to interview Dyan Garris during the release of her new DVD, Automatic Chakra Balance. This month I am happy to introduce you to her new monthly e-zine, Voice of the Magazine for Multi-Dimensional Living. The debut issue can be found at

This issue includes a lead story on "The Co-Creation of a Spiritual Toolbox", a featured Angel Card of the month, and music reviews by Dyan, whose own music consistently charts at #1 on Music Choice’s Soundscapes cable TV station.

Be sure to click on Articles in the Departments tab for an article on "The Harmonics of Sound" which includes excerpts from The Sage Age.