Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Follow the Tour

The Virtual Blog Tour has only just begun and the response has already been wonderful. Wayne Hurlbert gave the book a 5-star review. He also provided great questions in his interview. Stop by his blog to read all about it.

There's a very interesting discussion on intent happening at Dyan Garris' site. You'll find it in the comments section below her interview with me. She provided the most insightful questions on the the tour. Read more about it on her blog, Voice of the Angels, and join in the discussion of those wanting to go beyond the "law of attraction" ideas. Dyan has also requested that I write an article for her new ezine and she will also be featuring my article on the harmonics of sound.

The newsletter from the folks at SelfGrowth.com has been delivered to over 100,000 folks and contains a book excerpt. Responses are already coming in.

As you know, I also blog on the Institute of Noetic Science's Shift in Action site. One follower just informed me that he will be contacting the Talking Book Library to request that the book be made available for the blind.

On Friday, I'll be guest hosting on the Coffee Thoughts blog. Lots of fun things planned for the day.

The tour runs through Monday of next week with plenty of interesting sites still to go. Stop by one of the sites and join in the fun. It only takes 5 minutes!!!

Visit The Sage Age site for all links and dates. Discussion will be happening all week even on the previous dated sites.

See you online,