Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lecture Tour Begins in Knoxville

The first lecture series based on topics from The Sage Age was warmly received by the wonderful group of folks at the Knoxville chapter of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. I’m pictured here with host, Stephen Anthony. We discussed “How Thoughts Become Reality.” Many of those in attendance were delighted to discover that there is a great deal of hard scientific documentation on this subject, including research by the physics and quantum physics communities. Also covered were recent breakthroughs in brain mapping technology that will be immediately applicable to quadriplegics and amputees, allowing them to be more functional. We also discussed thought-forms as defined by intuitive practitioners and ways that our thoughts affect ourselves and others, as well as how our thought patterns color our world view.

The purpose of The Sage Age is to educate and open dialogue. It was a delight to have a time of sharing at the end of the lecture where everyone could fully participate in sharing their experiential wisdom.

I’ll be on tour with this lecture topic through the early part of 2009 as well as teaching a class on Acoustics for Intuitives. For more information, please visit the the On Tour page.


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